In 1998, the organization began with the production of natural gas clamp process established in 2004, combining advanced technology and experience gained san.tic.ltd.şti baykara clamp. the latest model in the process of production machinery and expert staff.

Without compromising the quality and the price policy of our company is expanding rapidly developing natural gas usage every day thanks to the construction sector and rapidly increasing production of 1 million units in 2006 / month ulaşmıştır.üretim capacity of 2 million pieces / month in 2009, our factory at full capacity by increasing export activities aiming to work ... The principle of quality ISO9001-EN2000-TSEK its motto, our company have quality certificates but without compromising the quality and the references to the power sector, which aims to be a giant ...

*  ‘Production zero error 'is always offering high quality products and services to its customers the right to lead an exemplary enterprise
*  Not only the quality of service, occupational health and safety in the working environment is THE INTERESTS, and taking into account the potential impact of our activities on the environment, to lead the sector with environmental concerns.
-  Innovative yaklaşımlarımızda to understand the exact needs of our customers' quality expectations, meet above the long-term commitment to improve the
-  Reached on the basis of the objectives of the team spirit within the philosophy of total quality, continuous to ensure growth in developed and ...